A Farewell Letter from ArkAngel CS:GO’s former Captain

We understand that we all grow and grow old, and there are lots of things that we need to get done.

Thank you for taking care of us in ArkAngel, Retrac! We will always bring the memories and wisdom you shared.

Good luck on your future endeavors!


Retrac’s Message


I am announcing my retirement from my ArkAngel and GameOn family because I want to focus on my personal life and to avoid further complications on my physical health.
I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to playing video games for two decades already.

Without further ado, I want to take this moment to thank my family and ArkAngel and GameOn families as well as my friends and supporters for believing in me and for giving me an outstanding support!
To my ArkAngel family especially to my bosses, I am deeply honored and humbly grateful for all the opportunities that you have given me and I also want to thank you for an adventurous yet challenging journey being with you!

To become a professional eSports player, one must know hardwork and must have a passion and dedication towards his eSports journey.
The path to success is never easy but an unconditional support from loved ones and a strong inner core helps one achieve his ultimate goal.
I have always believed in the saying, “No dream is ever chased alone.” I have so many people to thank for believing, supporting and teaching me.
I also want to thank all of you for always remembering me and believing in me. My heart gets bigger and bigger every day from the amount of support all of you have given me.
Being a professional eSports player developed not only my strategic skills but also my interpersonal skills.
My horizons broadened because I was able to travel to different places and meet different kinds of people having different cultures. This is all because of eSports.

My first ever team and support system was from Apol.com and most of them are now a part of ArkAngel. Until now, my childhood friends and I keep on supporting each other and I am so grateful for that.
I can say that I am lucky to being able to play and be with the people from these teams
namely Gravity, Wanted, Cristal, LaQs, Mastermind, Expendables, TNC Gaming, and Mineski as well. I could not attain my current place without all of you.
I am proud to say that many of my former teammates have become legends, not just in Counter-Strike but in different fields as well.
I have experienced and learned many things from them and because of that they earned my respect, trust and admiration.

I realized that it has been almost two decades since I played my first test match against my friends and it would always be a part of me.
I would not be who I am today if not because of my past. No matter how hard and nostalgic it is, today I feel it is time to move on and step forward.

Thank you for taking time in reading this!
Mahal ko kayo!

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