ArkAngel LOL Team, Champions of Lenovo Legion of Champions Series 3 Qualifiers.

While League of Legends 2018 World Championship has come to an end this season, teams from all over the globe are now taking a break this season. But ArkAngel LOL team is flying under the radar and taking every tournaments possible, proving themselves that their are one of the best teams not only in the country but in the SEA Region as well.

The team consists of JyrozenshoPascual as their captain and AD Carry, CedrickIvaliceSantos as their Top laner, NickelsonnickstahYanga as their Jungler, RobertTreborMansilungan as their Mid laner and JordanRauxPamintuan as their support to complete their 5-man team.

With ArkAngel LOL team flying low, not showing their wings under the lime light, they are challenging every tournaments in the country and the recent one which they won first place was Lenovo’s Legion of Champions Series 3 which was held at SM North EDSA, Cyberzone Activity Center last 12/02/2018. They fought against the strongest teams in the country. They beat Imperium Pro Team in one of the rounds and Guardian’s Hive to qualify for the finals. With TNC currently one of the best team to watch out, they were beaten by another monster team, Mineski. But Xeltran Steelwolves got the best of them and upsets Mineski. Now, Steelwolves wants to prove that their win against Mineski was not by luck at all by facing ArkAngel in a best of 5 showdown.

Here’s the recap of their Best of 5 showdown against Xeltran Steelwolves:

Game 1:
Arkangel picked a rather weird composition with a triple mage composition with a Leblanc, Syndra, and a Zyra against Steelwolves’s more standard composition putting their carries on a safer pick with Lissandra, Xayah, and Leona, and diving Arkangel’s unprotected backline with XSW’s jungler, Meng on Rengar.

ArkAngel showed pretty well in the early but some of their mistake was capitalized and the superiority of the draft became more visible on the late game giving Steelwolves the first game.

Game 2:
XSW gave ArkAngel a hard time, Arkangel decided to ban Rengar but both teams decided to stick with similar compositions. Though losing the first blood and some deaths, Arkangel began to prioritize objectives giving them a gold advantage that transitions into the late game giving them the victory to this game.

Game 3:
Steelwolves did not like their lost in game 2 banning two of Arkangel mages, Leblanc and Syndra. And this time, they decided to put their midlaner, Pain, on his signature champion Anivia. Arkangel resorted to flex picking Viktor into the midlane and putting Ivalice on Jayce. But Steelwolves was not forgiving this time, and as its player’s name, Anivia put a lot of pain on the Arkangel team as it finishes the game with a 12-1 K/DA record giving the victory to Steelwolves.

Game 4:
With Steelwolves only one win away from taking away the championship, this adds pressure for Arkangel.

With the idea that this is a game that they can’t lose, ArkAngel opted out a more balanced lineup for their draft. Raux leaving off the Zyra, as it was banned this time, he decided to use his signature champion, Pyke. Steelwolves on the other hand, still kept their standard drafting.

Nickstah went off as he make up for the first games with his Gragas, putting out great jungle pressure and early game ganks which resulted for them to get first blood. But this lead won’t shake the Steelwolves as the game turned out to be pretty even and probably the most intense game of the match.

But Arkangel getting a Baron advantage, triumphs on a very intense final clash at the enemies’ Nexus and taking the game to Game 5.

Game 5:
The deciding match on which team is the best team. Arkangel this time banned out Pain’s champion, which made Steelwolves flex picked Aatrox into the midlane but Arkangel countered this by flexpicking the Viktor to Ivalice again to match against XSW’s toplaner, Azure, on his Poppy.

Steelwolves asserted their dominance by getting advantage on kills, objectives and in gold. But ArkAngel manages to get a teamfight near the dragon that started to put things in their favor. Eventually, they were able to scale up to the clash resulting to a 5 for 1 exchange in Arkangel’s favor, earning them a knock on their enemies’ base.
They decided to play it safely and not overestimate their enemy as they aim for the baron and head on and win an intense last clash. With this win, they will be competing on the big fight at Bangkok, Thailand in 2019!

Congratulations again for winning home the championship and good luck on your upcoming match this coming 2019 at the Lenovo Legion of Champions Bangkok 2019! Lipad ArkAngel!

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