ArkAngel, gameOn and Lig Clothing

Play, Learn and Enjoy with ArkAngel at GameCon 2019!

It’s that time of the year again where gamers from all walks of life are welcome in this one prestigious event! This is a “must experience” show where we could play, learn and enjoy! It’s none other than the GameCon 2019, the Gaming Convention for all ages now on its 3rd year!


GameCon’s vision is to ensure that they gather as many gamers as they could from all over the country. The objective is to make them witness this colossal event while connecting and strengthening the Philippine’s gaming community. Games such as table tops, card games, esports-enabled and a whole lot more shall be showcased here at GameCon!

This event is also an advocate for the growth of the Game Development Industry. Their plan is to educating gamers to fully support sectors for the said industry. It also aims to be the leading event for the creation and growth of industries and education in support of Philippine’s gaming culture.


The event’s “PLAY” portion will consist of Free-to-Play games such as:

Tekken 7
Capcom vs. SNK
Storm Racer
Power Stone 2
Naughty Beans
Crazy Hoops
Metal Slug
King of Fighters
Street Basketball

Also, Table Top Games will be included in this portion. In Addition, Interactive Play Areas will be available all throughout the event.


The “LEARN” portion will consist of the ff:

Workshop and Panel Discussion
Unity Game Programming
Character Design
Basic Robotics Workshop

The aim is to impart total understanding regarding these advanced learning activities developing specialized knowledge for the attendees.


Last but definitely not the least, the “ENJOY” portion showcases custom matches for the ff. games:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Mobile Legends
Magic the Gathering
Legend of the 5 Rings
Final Fantasy TCG
Warhammer Shadespire

In this portion, merch alley, sale items and lots of raffle draw had also been included. For instance, there will be competitions on the side as well, which contains Cosplay Competition and Game Art Competition. The aim is to achieve total entertainment for the people to have fun as they experience GameCon.

Site Areas

Last year’s GameCon was held at SM Megamall with a smaller space than the venue assigned for 2019. However, this year, GameCon will take place at SMX Convention Center (SM Mall of Asia) this coming April 6-7! The place shall consist of the following sectors:

Esports Showmatch
Moba Arena
Food Hall
Table Top Area
Roborumble Arena
Arcade Arena

ArkAngel & GameOn Activities:

ArkAngel has its own booth located at the left-front portion of the SMX Convention Center (Function Room 1 & 2). You can easily spot the place upon entrance with the PCs, clothing merchandise, and a big screen featuring LIG Clothing, GameOn and of course, ArkAngel.


ArkAngel Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Female Professional Team will be challenged by any five-man team coming from the crowd. This will be happening on the second day (April 7), 3 PM onwards. Battle out the CS:GO team, namely Tr1cks (AWPer), Laire (Entry Fragger/ Secondary AWPer), Kuchiii (Secondary Fragger), cOffee (Lurker) and Joy (Support), in the crowd’s mission to bring them down at GameCon 2019.


GameOn Streamers LittleKittyMimi and Rain will be there to help a chosen few from the crowd, experience live streaming. After that, they will provide pointers and simple procedures for streaming as well as impart their knowledge and experiences. Also, the GameOn crew will relate their adventures being an online streamer for those who will be trying out the streaming booth. This will happen for both days of this event, around 1-3PM.


Finally, a clothing line made especially for the gaming realm. Lig Clothing has finally arrived. A plethora of awesome designs of tees associated with the most famous online games will come right at you here at GameCon 2019! In addition, there will be an array of giveaways, so do check out the ArkAngel booth. Stay tuned for the mechanics of the raffle for this one great blowout.


The ticket price is P220 per day and will be available on all SM ticket outlets.

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