ArkAngel X NimoTV

ArkAngel Esports Organization is one of the leading companies in the competitive gaming industry here in the Philippines. The institution is still in its infancy year (Started: April, 2018) and yet its teams (PUBG, CS:GO, DotA2 & LoL) are showing a great performance in the realm of the Esports world.

Nimo TV was launched on May, 2018 by Huya, a leading streaming platform in China, committing to become the best in Southeast Asia and the entire world when it comes to broadcasting online games.

With the ascension of both Esports and streaming platforms at a global level, ArkAngel and Nimo TV shook hands and concluded that a partnership would be beneficial for both parties. Two new names in their respective industries synergized and are about to embark on an adventurous gaming and streaming journey.

On Sept. 1, 2018, ArkAngel and Nimo TV has officially become partners as games played by the ArkAngel’s professional teams will now be streamed through Nimo TV. Nimo TV showed their dedication to this deal not just as the streaming partner, but also as a major sponsor for the teams of ArkAngel.

In conclusion, the world is becoming a better place to live in for professional gamers and game enthusiasts alike. These collaborative actions are the main ingredients to make Esports a bigger part of the gaming history and to offer a wider reach for the gaming audiences.

Nimo TV Website: || Facebook Page: @nimotelevision

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