Astralis claims the 1st IEM Grand slam and Major of the year.

The Danes have done it…. again! Astralis, the number 1 CS:GO team in the world finishes the Cinderella story of Finland ENCE esports in the Katowice Majors 2019.

Everyone is expecting that ENCE can beat Astralis just like what they did to Team Liquid in the opening matches of the tournament and to Na’Vi at the semi finals of the Champions Stage. But Astralis already knew that this will come and decided to play on Train and Inferno.

On Train, ENCE knew the importance of every round and started the 1st 2 round guns-blazing but when the first rifle round came, the Danes got their number and held their defenses of both sites. As expected from Astralis, the great usage of their utilities and better positioning made their retakes easy and ended the half at 11-4.

Coming in on the 2nd half of the 1st map, ENCE got Astralis‘ number by taking the 1st 3 rounds of the half and got close to 14-11. And in desperate times, one member of the team always steps up as the “Clutch God” Xyp9x took them one by one and closes the 1st map with the score of 16-11.

As for the 2nd map Inferno, Astralis were on a 10-0 streak. And they gave the fans what they deserve by dominating Inferno 16-4 led by dupreeh’s 22/3/9 KAD and device’s 22/6/8 KAD.

And with this win in Katowice, Astralis is now the second team in CS:GO to win 3 Majors with 2 back to back champions and also the first major of this year. To the stars

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