Conquerors Manila 2018

August rolls in and the esports scene is brimming with happenings left and right. But one event stands out for the Filipino fans: The Globe Conquerors Manila 2018. Conquerors will feature a celebrity showmatch, cosplay competition, band performances and of course intense and competitive games. We here at Gameon expect high profile entertainment on August 18 and 19, but what do the fans expect?

“Gusto ko makita ang mga celebrity maglaro”
How often do you see celebrities play competitive games? Conquerors offers us a glimpse of celebrity gaming and the fans can’t wait. Expect crazy plays and baffling game decisions from our celebrities. Who’s the n00b one? Who’s got a shot at being a celebrity pro player? All will be answered in the event.

“Expecting the hype of the crowd”
This is where the Filipino gaming community stand out. We are known for very passionate, near fanatic, fans. Every play, every teamfight and every frag, expect loud roars from the filipino fans and top notch memes from our casters and talents.

“I expect a chance for gamers to be shown in a different light and to further progress the growth of esports in the country.”
There is still a stigma against gamers especially in the Philippines. When people hear the word “gamer” the immediate response is still negative. Hopefully Globe Conquerors will put an event that will clear out these misconceptions and show the world how awesome the gaming community really is.

“Hope to gain some friends in the event”
People from different walks of life usually get together through a common interest. Be it stamp collecting or curling, once a group of people enjoy something common within themselves, a community will be born. Events like the Globe Conquerors is always a hub for people to get together and gain new acquaintances. It is one of the beauty of the esports scene: discovering people from all walks of life through shared passion.

“I’m expecting for this event is to be successful”
Who would have thought that one day, online games such as League of Legends would be the esports it is today where a gigantic crowd would gather and contribute to the evolution of the scene. A successful event like this could power the Philippine gaming community to new heights and is always anticipated by everyone invested in the game.

Fan reactions and expectations always say something about an event and fans expect something big for the Conquerors. And why wouldn’t they? With a star studded lineup and an array of entertainment coupled with high level games, Globe Conquerors Manila 2018 is truly something to watch out for.

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