Globe Conquerors Manila with Cowsep

As Globe Conquerors Manila takes Rampage’s place as the biggest League of Legends themed event of the year, Garena made sure that GCM continues the tradition of having a Celebrity Showmatch in the tournament.

Fliptop superstars Joseph Martin “Sinio” Cagasan and Christopher John “Shehyee” Ongkiko’s appearance were much awaited along with other celebrities such as Empoy, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Jack Reid, Baste Duterte, Megan Young, Mikael Daez and Christian Bautista. But the one “celebrity” that everyone got so hyped about, is the known best Master Yi player in any server of League Legends; Joseph Osceola “Cowsep” Hursey.

Cowsep’s name became a hot topic in the Philippines when he streamed and recorded his journey from unranked to master in the Philippine server.

We got the chance to interview the Master of Yi’s himself, and shared his experience with the event and his stay in the Philippines.

Actually, Conquerors has been amazing. It exceeded my expectations, like, a lot

Cowsep’s been playing in our server for a while now, but being in the Philippines himself is a completely different experience for him.

It’s great, you know. I got to travel around, see the mall. Everything is just so much cheaper than I’m used to and it’s just, it’s kinda like a heaven here

Cowsep had a meet and greet on the 19th, the second day of the event, and the line of fans waiting to get his autograph seemed to be never ending. With a big smile and a welcoming hug, it turns out that Cowsep has been standing for 4 hours straight and hasn’t eaten yet. Commended.

What makes doing all these for your Filipino fans worth it?

I think through the years during my streaming, the fans make everything possible for me, what I do. And seeing them, and making a difference in their lives, you know? It’s just like, everybody has their own story, and behind the stream they can’t really see it. But coming out and meeting all the fans, you get to see it. And you know, when i do these things you know I like to cut the line on a certain point and everybody in that line gets to meet me. Coz i don’t wanna disappoint anybody, you know? Coz everybody has their own problems and this is their time to get rid of those problems

Not once throughout his meet and greet did it show on his face that he was tired.
As it was finally time for him to end the session and have a rest, Cowsep left a special message to all his Filipino fans:

I really appreciate the overwhelming support. I didn’t expect to have as many fans here as i did and i know it’s a great country and if you keep treating people with respect and happiness, I think the Philippines and all the people here will accomplish a lot of things and have a lot of luck in things like that as well

It was heartwarming to have witnessed his kindness towards the people who support him. Before he was escorted back to his dressing room, Cowsep made sure that everyone in the line who didn’t get the chance to have a selfie with him had the chance to have a groufie instead.

With the tournament itself ending, it’s safe to say that Garena, has once again, successfully gave the community what it wanted. And as the end of 2018 slowly comes, it just makes us more excited to wait for 2019’s turn of having an unforgettable event just like this one.

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