Patch 7.20b is up! High win and pick rates, it’s all in here!

With Virtus.Pro winning the Kuala Lumpur Majors 2018 last 11/18/18, a new patch has been released and everyone expected that the heroes used in the previous event will be nerfed or buffed. Then there’s 7.20b patch, where most of the heroes were now reworked, not to mention the map and new items as well. The addition of the new items and modified skills, a new meta was born and most people are trying to use the stronger heroes to win in their matches.

If you read the patch notes and look a little closer, this maybe another meta for support players but as per the numbers, Meepo users has the highest winning rate since 7.20b was released. Meepo leads with 60.74% win rate in 9.05% pick rate and a KDA ratio of 2.94 followed by Luna with 58.99% win rate in 13.16% Pick rate and a 2.82 KDA ratio.

*stats taken from*

Now let’s take a look at the heroes who has a high pick percentage. Leading the boards is Pudge with 41.55% pick rate and a whopping win rate of 52.72% followed by Ogre Magi with 34.62% pick rate due to the fact that Multicast now affects targeted items (Hand of Midas, Dagon, Scythe of Vyse etc.) can reverse a clash in an instant and has a win rate of 46.81%. Lastly, Slark with 58.42% win rate with a high pick rate of 30.47% and 3.1 KDA ratio. Slark’s new ability, which he permanently steals the enemy’s agility if the kill has been awarded to him.

*stats taken from*

Items were also reworked in this patch. New items were added in the game and one was removed. Ring of Aquila was removed in the game, an item which is essential in the early to mid game. For the new items, a couple of new combinations were added. Yasha and Kaya which is good for Int heroes, Kaya and Sange which has status resistance for longer disables, Crown, an item to create essential items such as Bracer, Wraith band and Null Talisman and Holy Locket which is a new item that cause all heals and hp regen to be amplified by 25%. A new ring was added as well, Ring of Tarrasque which is also needed to purchase Heart of Tarrasque.

*image taken from Wykrhm Reddy’s fb page*

With these revolutionized skills in this new meta, anything can happen until the second major qualifier comes and pro players will try to use every piece of advantage for their teams to win. Now for your daily matchmaking games, it’s always your decision if you wish to follow these stats cause at the end of the day, it’s your play style and skills that will bring victory to your team and climb up your ranks.

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