Have you ever been to Cobblestone lately?

With tournaments happening worldwide every week, maps such as Inferno, Mirage, Dust, Overpass and Cache all share the limelight. Today, let’s discuss one of the rarely used maps: Cobblestone.

Cobblestone, originally known as de_cbble, was created by Dave Johnston who also authored Dust and Dust 2. The map was originally known as de_cstle as the settings are set in a castle but was removed due to the redesign of the map. The first time Cobblestone was played in a professional tournament was in ESL Cologne 2014. The map was used 6 times and was also used in the Grand Finals. Here are a few stats from all Major tournaments played in Cobblestone. Use them for your pubgames at your own risk!

Round Outcome:

Terrorists side – 48.2%
Counter Terrorists side – 51.8%

Weapons used:

AK – 37.18%
Famas – 2.71%
ump45 – 2.82%
cz – 2.82%
tec9 – 2.94%
p250 – 3.5%
glock – 3.62%
usp_silencer – 4.75%
m4a1 – 12.77
m4a1_silencer – 13.33%
awp – 13.56%

Pro players all time stats on Cobblestone during Major event:

Win rate for teams playing on Cobblestone during Major event:

Fan favorite or not, one can argue that Cobblestone is one of the most exciting maps in CSGO. Tell us your insights about the map and share it with us!
*all stats and images are taken from hltv.*

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