With tournaments happening worldwide every week, maps such as Inferno, Mirage, Dust, Overpass and Cache all share the limelight. Today, let’s discuss one of the rarely used maps: Cobblestone.

Cobblestone, originally known as de_cbble, was created by Dave Johnston who also authored Dust and Dust 2. The map was originally known as de_cstle as the settings are set in a castle but was removed due to the redesign of the map. The first time Cobblestone was played in a professional tournament was in ESL Cologne 2014. The map was used 6 times and was also used in the Grand Finals. Here are a few stats from all Major tournaments played in Cobblestone. Use them for your pubgames at your own risk!

Round Outcome:

Terrorists side – 48.2%
Counter Terrorists side – 51.8%

Weapons used:

AK – 37.18%
Famas – 2.71%
ump45 – 2.82%
cz – 2.82%
tec9 – 2.94%
p250 – 3.5%
glock – 3.62%
usp_silencer – 4.75%
m4a1 – 12.77
m4a1_silencer – 13.33%
awp – 13.56%

Pro players all time stats on Cobblestone during Major event:

Win rate for teams playing on Cobblestone during Major event:

Fan favorite or not, one can argue that Cobblestone is one of the most exciting maps in CSGO. Tell us your insights about the map and share it with us!
*all stats and images are taken from hltv.*