Name: Yves Navarro
IGN: ArkAngel-K1lla

My name is Yves pronounced as "eves" from Cebu City, 22 and currently playing under ArkAngel PUBG Pro Team. My hobbies are playing badminton, dancing and of course, videogames.

I started playing computer games when I was in Grade School and that game was Battle Realms. Then I played Red Alert, StarCraft and Counter-Strike. I then ventured into another type of gaming, MMORPG, delved into DotA and CS:GO for a while, and now the game i plasy professionally and love the most is PUBG.

I used to dance


3rd PGI SEA Qualifiers Jun 2018
Champion PGI SEA PH Qualifiers Jun 2018
1st GLL Season 2 NA Qualifiers May 2018
2nd 500Bros Vikings Invitational May 2018
3rd Xyclop's Run N' Gun Apr 2018
3rd out of 110 Auzom Open Series Mar 2018
Champion Barangay Mineski Bogsa Uno Feb 2018
Champion BGPH Mini Tournament Dec 2017
5th PUBG Online Contender Promotionals Oct 2017
Champion GameOn PUBG Invitational Sep 2017
Champion BGPH Run N' Gun 2 PH Qualifiers Mar 2017