A sad day for CSGO fans from India as OpTiC India lost their match at eXTREMESLAND 2018 Asia Finals today. But it didn’t stop there.

OpTiC India won the first map 16-7 in Inferno and the second map Cache was almost done when a long pause was called. And then, bad news struck OpTiC India as the admin of eXTREMESLAND Asia Finals announced that Nikhil “forsaken” Kuwamat was using cheats in the match. With this incident, OpTiC India has been disqualified from the tournament giving Vietnam’s Revolution the win.

According to CSGO2ASIA which were on-site when it happened, forsaken used a cheat which triggered the “B5 platform anti-cheat” after this suspicious activity making the admin to check forsaken’s PC.

Upon being approached, forsaken refused the admin to access his PC and after telling his position, the admin asked forsaken to alt+tab out of CSGO and found out a suspicious program running in the background. forsaken immediately close and deleted the suspicious program right in front of the admin.

The file was already deleted which extended the investigation as admins try to recover the deleted file. The admins recovered the file but when they try to look deeper into it, the file cannot be opened and stating an error message that Windows needed to be updated in order for it to run.

Based on forsaken’s activity and since the anti-cheat system detected the program, the admins were convinced that forsaken is guilty. Looking further in this unfortunate event, OpTiC India has been immediately disqualified from the event and Revolution gets a free pass facing Malaysia’s FrostFire into the next round.

As for forsaken, his career in CSGO is over. The organization released him effective immediately.

It’s really sad to hear news like this as this kind of events can break trust between teammates and management and one bad behavior may wreck a player’s dream of becoming a pro esports athlete.

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