SEA Games 2019

Ready for Esports in the Upcoming SEA Games 2019?

Let’s talk about SEA Games 2019 and how awesome it will be that we’re taking part in this prestigious event! How awesome? Well, it’s the very first-time esports is introduced as a medalled event in our country and for the SEA Games. Now, more than ever, there’s a chance that esports will become a staple among all the contests being played at the SEA Games!

This year’s SEA Games is on its 30th edition. The competition will begin on the 30th of November and will end on the 11th of December. It will be held at the Philippine Arena in Bucaue, Bulacan. The chairperson assigned for SEA Games is Alan Peter Cayetano.


The capacity of the arena built for this event is around 20,000 with a recently announced allocated budget of P6 billion according to this CNN report. The last time a competitive gaming area of this magnitude and scale has been constructed was in still in late 1934. It has been 85 years since the Philippines had an infrastructure this size for sports. This is none other than the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

A series of earthquakes happened recently during the construction of this site. After this sad calamity, the site has been checked and it was totally intact. This type of infrastructure is nearly an Olympics Level Class 1 Sports Facility. These varieties of facilities can hold world sports events and by making minimal adjustments, it could easily turn into a facility for the Olympics.


This will be the very first-time Esports will be a part of the SEA Games! This is history in the making! For those who don’t have any idea what esports is, esports is a shortened term for electronic sports. Electronic Sports uses virtual games instead of real-life games. Virtual games have different objectives as individuals or as a team just like any ordinary sports.

It will help us understand that athletics can be done not just in the real world but also in the virtual realm. In the virtual gaming world, there are 3 main types of platforms that are being used to execute gaming actions. The games chosen for the SEA Games had been divided into these platforms: PC, Mobile, and Console.


The games chosen for the PC platform are DotA 2 and Starcraft II. DotA 2 has been chosen merely for the fact that this has been the esports leader when it comes to the prize pool it gives from the community. The highest prize pool for the entire esports scene is a whopping $25,532,177. DotA 2 is the flagship esports game to our knowledge due to its highly complex system, totally thrilling and entertaining gameplay for the audiences. We believe that these are the most important ingredients to make an excellent esports inclusion to the SEA Games 2019!

Starcraft has been around for a very long time and its game mechanics has been an epic real-time strategy game. As usual, the same system is used for the very popular Starcraft II. These types of games that had been there for decades now is a good pick for the SEA Games 2019! This would be a reminder that games in esports, just like sports, can last a long time too.


This one’s a new addition to the gaming platforms as the hardware for the smartphones had now been worthy enough to cater to games that captured the hearts of most of the gamers, especially in our country. Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor were the two chosen games for the mobile platform. What’s odd is that Starcraft caters to a single player and DotA 2 caters to a team, which gives some sort of a balance.

The two chosen games for mobile has both been MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) showing only team games. There was not a single player game in this platform for this SEA Games. Although the criteria for choosing the games to play for SEA Games 2019 were not provided, there might be some reason they arrived at these results. Mobile Legends is known to be a great hit in the Philippines as it is readily accessible to a huge percentage of the new smartphones. This is true as the system requirements are much less than usual. At the same time, the hardware for the new smartphones is a lot more affordable with higher specifications.

We hope to see the final 6 games for esports with some modifications to the distribution and completion of the games. Arena of Valor may seem to be outclassed here in our country, but in another country, a lot bigger than ours, Arena of Valor is their version of Mobile Legends. It’s China’s main mobile game under a different name, called Honor of Kings. Let’s see if our AoV Pro Teams can outthrow China’s finest.


Lastly, the console platform will always be a favorite for us gamers. Here, the games that dominate are fighting contests. Tekken 7 has already been chosen to be one of the games. Although the designation for the entire SEA Games Esports Edition may not be completed yet, there’s a big chance that the last one to complete the 6 games may come from this platform. The reason might be to balance the games with two for each platform.

Due to this, we attempted to ask experts in the console gaming world, to get information as to what could be the game added if it were from this platform. Their response is unanimously leaning towards Street Fighter V. This has the biggest prize pool for the entire FGC (fighting game community). Some other options would be Dragonball FighterZ, Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat 11, and Injustice 2. Aside from all these fighting games for console choices, there’s a chance that a game from another genre could be chosen. NBA 2K could be well-positioned to be the last game inclusion to complete the SEA Games Esports Edition.


Along with Arnis, Billiards, Boxing and Kickboxing, Esports does not have information yet about the location as to which one of the hubs will they be included for now. Most probably, there will be online tournaments for each of these games. The information might be announced as soon as the designated location is revealed.

Expect the ArkAngel Mobile Legends professional teams to surely be there and be a part of this SEA Games 2019 Mobile Legends Qualifiers once it opens up.

Solutions & Conclusion

Our only hope is that there would be more gamers participating in these types of games under a very historical event. That both aspiring and professional teams and individuals would join the SEA Games 2019 qualifiers. Also, organizations should hold a lot of playtests where they would try to host events that looks a lot like the real setup for the SEA Games Esports Edition.

This would entice a lot of people to play online games more, the Filipino nation to produce great names for individual gamers and teams as well both locally and more importantly, in the international scene. Fans and game enthusiasts should also show support for these types of events by evangelizing not just their supported games but esports as a whole as well.

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