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Journey of the Champions Interview: Pre-PUBG SEA Championship Finals

The Journey of the Champions begins! Time went by too fast... A few months ago, we were just a team with a dream, thriving to compete in every way we could, trying so hard to get into the esports scene! We imagined the life of a professional gamer to a level that was beyond reach, where everything seemed impossible! Little did we know that destiny chose us to be a part of a grand plan... And so, the Philippine Nationals happened! It was this opportunity that paved the way for us to take a shot to prove our true character and show the nation the spirit of a team fighting as one. As a team forged under the ArkAngel Banner, we relentlessly fought our way to the top, one step at a time! When the dust settled, we emerged as champions... And now, we're here at the battlegrounds of Thailand to once again experience the manifestation of our countless scrims, our well-structured strategems and our strong bond as a team. The squad is complete here in Bangkok, Thailand and we're ready for the PUBG SEA Championship Finals! This is the life beyond our imagination... Once again, let's all unite to make history! Let's do the impossible! Watch the live coverage tomorrow: #ArkAngel #PUBG #ArkAngelPUBGProTeam #PUBGSEAChampionshipFinals #RoadtoPGI #ASUSRepublicofGamers #GameOnPH #ArkAngeldoingtheimpossible #PhilippinesUnite

Posted by ArkAngel PUBG on Friday, June 22, 2018


3rd PGI SEA Qualifiers Jun 2018
Champion PGI SEA PH Qualifiers Jun 2018
1st GLL Season 2 NA Qualifiers May 2018
2nd 500Bros Vikings Invitational May 2018
3rd Xyclop's Run N' Gun Apr 2018
3rd out of 110 Auzom Open Series Mar 2018
Champion Barangay Mineski Bogsa Uno Feb 2018
Champion BGPH Mini Tournament Dec 2017
5th PUBG Online Contender Promotionals Oct 2017
Champion GameOn PUBG Invitational Sep 2017
Champion BGPH Run N' Gun 2 PH Qualifiers Mar 2017