The Calm Before the Storm: TI8 Group Stages

As the main event rolls in with Team Liquid and PSG.LGD in the Upper Bracket Playoffs and OpTic Gaming, Team Serenity, and Mineski on the Lower Bracket, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and standings of the Group stage in the International 2018.


Day 1

On the first day of Group stage, Evil Geniuses stands proudly in Group A with a 5-1 standing and SumaiL being the top farmer earning 747 GPM. VGJ.Storm on the other hand made a perfect 4-0 with Resolut1ion having the top KDA of 16.40.

Group B was only played a maximum of 4 games with 2 teams only playing one series: Optic and Pain, with Optic losing against Virtus.Pro and Pain scoring a tie with Newbee.

Notable games:

  • Evil Geniuses and Fnatic
  • VGJS and Newbee


Day 2

Fnatic VS Mineski made the second day of Group stage immensely intense with their first game lasting 81 minutes and 52 seconds. It was a very close call but Mineski made a comeback and took victory having Moon’s Tinker the MVP of the first game with a 52.0% performance. But the tables have turned as Fnatic ended the second game in 42:54 with Abed’s Templar Assassin with a 59.2% performance making him the MVP.

Meanwhile, it seems that the odds are in EG’s favour in Group A as they continue to win and with their current performance taken into account, they will most likely secure an Upper Bracket spot.

Group B on the other hand is being dominated by VGJ.Storm, but since the scores aren’t that far from TNC Predator, and Newbee, it would be too early for them to celebrate anything. In other words, though being in the top, the last two days are much more crucial for Group B than Group A.

Noteable games:

  • Fnatic v Mineski – Game 1 (Southeast Asian War)
  • EG v OG – Whole series (Notail vs Fly)
  • IG v Liquid – Game 1
  • Pain v Secret – Game 2
  • VP v TNC – Game 2


Day 3

Miracle- has once again proven himself to be a god of the game as Team Liquid sweeps Evil Geniuses in a 2-0 match on the third day of the Group stage. Miracle- became MVP on both rounds, using Clinkz on the first and Invoker on the second, with an average of 20 kills per game and 81.45% performance.

Here, Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid are the first teams from Group A to secure spots in the Upper Bracket for the Main Event, while VGJ Storm is the first team from Group B. Looking at the standings, it seemed that OpTic are the team most likely to be eliminated, however Serenity, paiN and Vici are still in arms reach depending on the results of Day 4.

Notable games:

  • Invictus Gaming v PSG.LGD – Game 2
  • Evil Geniuses v Team Liquid – Whole Series
  • paiN Gaming v – Game 2 (Pango Gaming)
  • TNC Predator v Team Serenity – Game 2
  • Team Secret v OpTic Gaming – Whole Series
  • Vici Gaming v paiN Gaming – Game 1


Day 4 secured themselves a spot in the Upper Bracket play offs as they won 2 games against VGJ.Storm. Ramzes’ Ursa and Weaver also took the title of MVP in both games having an average of 42.75% performance. Now, the Upper Bracket in Group A is locked in with Liquid, EG, PSG.LGD and OG while Lower Bracket in Group A is locked in Fnatic, VGJT, Mineski and Winstrike with Winstrike knocking IG out of the tournament in a tiebreaking BO3 series. And as OpTic have somehow found their much needed form overnight, Newbee falls in the Lower Bracket for the Main Event.

Notable games:

  • Evil Geniuses v Fnatic – Game 2 (A wild Pudge appears!)
  • OG v Winstrike Team – Game 2
  • Team Secret v Newbee – Whole Series (Support Ursa?!)
  • v VGJ Storm – Whole Series

With the team’s individual performance in Group stage, it’s still hard to tell who’ll be the Champion of this year’s Internationals. Now, as Team Liquid and PSG.LGD takes their time practicing for the Upper Bracket Semifinals, we’ll get to witness OpTic, Serenity, VP and Mineski battle their way to survive the Lower Bracket Playoffs and get a chance to take a slot in the Lower Bracket Finals, and slowly reach for the Grand Finals.

Will Team Liquid defend their title in the finals, or will a new one rise and be crowned as The International DotA2 2018 Champion?

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