DotA 2 Madness at the Charcoal Hickory

The last day of The International 2018 came in last Sunday midnight here in the Philippines. Dubbed as the biggest esports event of the year, this one was not to be missed. So Arkangel Esports, in partnership with GameOn, made sure that the Filipino fans who couldn’t make it in Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, still get a chance to watch the much awaited finals with a blast as they hosted a Pubstomp in Charcoal Hickory.

The energized crowd along with representatives from NimoTV, the ArkAngel DotA2 Pro Team and even some of the restaurant staff excitedly watched PSG.LGD vs Evil Geniuses battle their way for a spot in the Grand Finals while the smell of Barbeque filled the air, and chants and cheers were loudly heard all over the place.

With 3 gigantic wide screen high definition TVs, and Charcoal Hickory‘s quality cuisine and service already hyping the place up, ArkAngel made sure to give its visitors a twist in the viewing party as they hosted a 1 VS 1 tournament with a Shadow Fiend Arcana at stake. 4 guests take turns outplaying one another in an intense mid-lane matchups isolated from everyone while their friends cheered and our shoutcasters provide hype and humor to the program.

After the 1 vs 1 tournament, a sudden lull came over the place as the stream displayed the next event: The International 2018 Grand Finals Matchup.

PSG.LGD and OG collide for 5 whole games with every match can nearly be considered as match of the year. There was never a silence anymore within the barbecue place as the two teams went back and forth until the grand finals series came with PSG.LGD giving it everything they’ve got, fought through down the wire but still fell short as OG triumph over their foes in a very exciting game that many labeled as “The best The International Grand Finals since The International 2013.”

As the last moments of The International came, fans inside the event rejoiced as OG claimed this year’s Aegis of Champions. With the viewing party ending as a success as well, as the Charcoal Hickory Restaurant was jam packed with almost 70 guests.

With such an extraordinary experience, we wait for what ArkAngel has in store next. But for now we only have one thing to say to everyone who attended and joined the hype and had fun with us:

From all of us here at Arkangel Esports, Gameon PH and The Charcoal Hickory Restaurant:

Maraming salamat!

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