TI8 Grand Finals Detailed Recap

The Final Day of The International 2018 has come and DotA fans around the world was surely entertained since the Group stages until the Main event. The tradition of the “East-West” championship is still alive as East’s PSG.LGD, will be facing West’s OG. It’s been 8 years since The International started and we all agree that the last matches of the tournament did not disappoint us for sure, being the one of the best series so far. Here’s our take on a detailed analysis of The International 2018 Grand Finals series.

Game 1
Hero picks:
OG: Spectre Monkey King, Treant Protector, Earthshaker Winter Wyvern
PSG.LGD: Bloodseeker, Storm Spirit, Enchantress, Elder Titan, Crystal Maiden
Right at the bat, LGD played aggressively with FY’s roaming Elder Titan support who consistently plays in god-mode in his previous games. LGD dominated the game until the 21-minute mark with Enchantress and Bloodseeker dealing the damage resulting to kills but Earthshaker and Treant disabled LGD which resulted to an Ultra Kill for ana. OG took Roshan and LGD attempted to snatch it but failed to do so with JerAx and Ceb disabling them again causing the middle tower and barracks to fall and later calling gg as the match ended with 34-27 in favor of OG.

Game 2
Hero picks:
OG: Gyrocopter, Invoker, Underlord, Io and Disruptor.
PSG.LGD: Phantom Lancer, Kunkka, Enchantress, Earthshaker and Bane
As the horn sounds, OG played aggressive and had a early lead of 7-3 by harassing the opposing trilane but LGD capitalized the space created by Kunkka, forcing the game even at the 10-minute mark and taking the lead after 5 mins with a gold lead of 7k in their favor. The game ended with the score of 44-19 and 32k gold lead in their side. This game showed everyone that LGD is a serious contender.

Game 3
Hero picks:
PSG.LGD: Weaver, Alchemist, Brewmaster, Phoenix, Vengeful Spirit
OG: Phantom Lancer, Morphling, Winter Wyvern, Lina, Chen
The early game went to LGD’s favor, scoring 10-4 with 2k gold lead on their side. Heading in to mid game, LGD had a 17k gold lead with the score of 39-20 and everything is on LGD’s side. At this point the chinese titans are now playing their game. LGD won the third game with a decisive 50-25 score and 25k Gold advantage.

Game 4
Hero picks:
OG: Phantom Lancer, Invoker, Axe, Io and Chen
PSG.LGD: Bloodseeker, Morphling, Brewmaster, Tusk, and Enchantress.
As expected, both teams played aggressively to gain an upper hand but for OG side, things are not looking well as Topson was being harassed in the middle causing Ame to get his core items as early as 7 mins while Ceb’s Axe is gaining in the offlane getting his dagger at 10 mins making the game even at the 17-minute mark. Both team’s supports are playing very well, from FY’s snowball dodge, n0tail’s on point Ultimate and JerAx’s ability to sustain his teammates forced LGD to play the long game.
Coming into the late game, they almost killed ana without buyback but ana sold his items so he can have enough gold to buyback before being taken down. For LGD, taking down 2 lanes of barracks at the 45-minute mark seems enough but OG didn’t give up defending their base causing LGD to fall back making space for ana to complete his items. With Phantom Lancer at max level with full items, ana became unkillable with JerAx providing sustain. 60 minutes passed, OG brought the fight to LGD. Ceb’s on point calls managed to kill LGD’s cores and forced Ame to buyback. LGD’s towers were destroyed and with ana holding the Aegis, OG rushed into LGD’s Ancient took down LGD’s core causing LGD to call gg after 65 mins and force game 5.

Game 5
Hero picks:
PSG.LGD: Terrorblade, Kunkka, Batrider, Earthshaker and Silencer
OG: Zeus, Ember Spirit, Magnus, Rubick, Nature’s Prophet
It all comes down to this game and the winner will grab the elusive Aegis of Champions.
At the start of the game, fy and Chalice are all over the place focused on Ember Spirit and Zeus to prevent them from farming their core items and took the lead with the score of 13-3 with 3k gold lead. The score even went to 24-10 with 4k gold lead and looking at it, it seems LGD already have this in the bag. But OG’s teamwork and discipline kept their heads in the game. With OG attempting to take Roshan in the 24-minute mark, Somnus was held outside of the pit resulting to a team wipe and OG capitalized on that small window taking the bottom towers plus a set of barracks in the bottom lane. LGD tried to pick a fight once again but ana outplayed LGD with his well-timed Sleight of Fist and Eul’s Scepter of Divinity to dodge LGD’s attack resulting to another team wipe. The tides were turned in an instant, with the gold lead of 32k now in OG’s side and score is at 34-35, LGD was forced to call the game making OG The International 2018 champions and held the Aegis of Champions.

As the saying goes, “History repeats itself”. The International never had a Game 5 since 2013 between Alliance and Navi. And we saw one today that can match the intensity of that legendary series.

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