Post TI8 Shuffle: New Season, New Changes

A week has passed since Team OG were immortalized by engraving their names on the Aegis of Champion at The International 2018, teams are starting to prepare for the 2018 – 2019 season. Changes were also made regarding Roster change and how to earn DPC points this season. Qualifiers’ schedule for minor and major events and new regulations for organizations with multiple teams are also discussed. Let’s take a look at the guidelines for this season and some rumors of players moving from other teams.

Roster changes & DPC point system
In the previous season, points were given to players. And when an organization decide to drop a player or sends a player to other teams, the player will carry the points they earned to their new team like what happened to Na’vi and VP last year.

Now, DPC points will be given to a registered team instead of giving it to individual players. Teams are still required to choose their 5-man lineup, and players are now allowed to move to a different team without disqualifying their previous team during the season. But teams should take note that each player removed from an active roster will reduce the team’s current points total by 20% and adding a new player will not earn any additional points.

If the team is qualified and plays in the event without their submitted 5-man roster, the total points that they will earn during the event will be reduced by 40% as penalty. Teams should always remember that when playing in a Minor or Major qualifiers, the team should have atleast 4 of their 5 registered players. Rosters will only be locked once the TI Invites start.
Registration of teams who wishes to embark on a journey to own the Aegis of Champions this season will end by 09/15/2018 at 10:00 AM PDT and the first Major qualifiers will start on 09/17/2018.

New Ownership & Invite guidelines, Major/Minor qualifiers.
A new rule regarding team ownership and invites were also provided. All organizations who has ownership in multiple teams can only register one of their teams to compete in TI9 regardless of their DPC points.
Also, the schedule for this season’s Minor and Major event will be held in pairs and qualifiers for each event needs to play in the scheduled date which is 09/17/2018. The change in the Major and Minor qualifiers are as follows:

  • No direct invites to both Major and Minors.
  • Majors will run first and teams who will not qualify for the Majors can compete in the Minors qualifiers a few days later.
  • Winner of the Minor main event will have a reserve slot in the Major event happening a few days later.
  • Minors should have atleast 8 teams and a minimum of 1 qualifier per region.
  • Majors should have atleast 16 teams and 2 qualifiers per region.
  • All teams playing in the Minor or Major will earn DPC points.

Schedule for the 2018 – 2019 DPC is shown below:

Rumors regarding players moving to different teams.
If you’re worried about your team who didn’t finish good last season, I bet you are thinking on getting excellent free agent players for your favorite team. One of the biggest move last TI7 was Miracle’s move heading to Team Liquid, and the rest was history. A lot of movement was seen from different sources on SEA and EU regions. Some of them are veteran players looking for another run at the competitive scene, while big names such as UNiVeRsE, Abed, and CCnC are looking for a new team. Let’s check the rumors from reddit of notable names making their moves and confirmed rosters as of 08/29/18:

PSG.LGD, VP = no changes – confirmed
Sneyking may have been kicked from VGJ. Storm. – rumored
Ace may have parted ways with Team Secret as well as Abed with Fnatic. – rumored
MidOne will stay with Team Secret while w33 and paiN gaming may have parted ways as well. – rumored
Team DK may be reformed to consist of Sylar, SCCC, Xxs, LaNm, and Q. – rumored
Black^, Moo, Ghostik, Chessie, KheZzu, syndereN, MoonMeander are looking for teams this season. – confirmed
Resolut1on’s team will consist of Resolut1on_, YawaR, UNiVeRsE, MSS, and SVG. Aui_2000 to coach. Organization unknown. – confirmed
Rumors in TNC stating Sam H might be heading to Execration while Kuku stays playing offlane. Raven might be heading to Team Secret while Gabbi takes Carry role for TNC and the same as ninjaboogie as support. – rumored

Looking at the names and teams above, a lot of teams are now playing their cards. Now for the rumors, what i can only say is that rumors are should be taken as such and we should wait for confirmation.

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