Your Predator League Philippines Champion: ArkAngel PUBG

On the 26th and 27th of January, the Predator League has prepared two locations for its Grand Finals. On the 26th, 16 teams and 64 players have gathered on High Grounds Cafe to enter the battleground. 6 rounds full of gunshots, grenades, vehicles exploding, and trading of bullets. And it only got more intense on the second day.

On the 27th, 16 teams with the hope of representing Philippines in the Asia Pacific Predator League Championship have gathered in Glorietta 2 Activity Center for the final day. 64 players striving to have their team win that chicken dinner, and have their name called as grand champion, one bullet at a time.

After completing another 6 rounds, team No Future takes home PHP20,000 for placing 4th, Vortex Farm also gets to take PHP20,000 for placing 3rd while NCGC Vortex takes PHP40,000 for placing 2nd.

And ArkAngel PUBG takes PHP120,000 for being the Grand Champion.

On February 15th to 17th, the three day finals of Asia Pacific Predator League 2019 will be held at the Nimibutr Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand with $120,000 prizepool.

ArkAngel PUBG will be competing against Made in Thailand, Pinto Gaming, Team Immunity, MP5, GSSM, Raptors, Aerowolf Team Eight, SunSister Suicider’s, Asbol, AYSON E-Sports, The Ace Gad, Signature Gaming, Purple Mood E-Sports, GameHome Esports and Korea’s Qualified Team (TBD).

64 players, 16 teams, 16 rounds, 3 days, 1 champion.

ArkAngel PUBG’s 2019 is off to a good start. We only aim to keep the momentum going until the end. And we hope you never get tired of being in this ride with us.

Once again, congratulations ArkAngel PUBG!

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