ArkAngel Finishes 3rd at the ZOWIE ASIA EXTREMESLAND 2018 PH Qualifiers

Last Saturday, 8 CS:GO teams showed up guns blazing as Zowie Asia Extremesland PH Qualifiers were held at ArkAngel iCafe in Bagumbong, Caloocan. With $100,000 at stake, the teams brought their A-game as the winner will also represent our country along with 15 more teams and will play in Shanghai, China for the main event.

The place was jam-packed as the crowd favorite ArkAngel CS:GO will be playing against seven more CS:GO PH teams who wants to take the title for themselves. Groups were divided into 2 and played BO1 matches. Group A started the match with TNC vs Disenthrone and Fractals vs Audacity while Group B matches will be ArkAngel vs Expendables and Team Vapebar and CGH.

1st round started with TNC sending Disenthroned to the lower bracket with the score of 16-7 in de_overpass while Fractals took down Audacity in de_mirage with the score of 16-14. On the other hand, ArkAngel dismantled Expendables in de_inferno with the score of 16-3 and CGH beats Team Vapebar in de_inferno with 16-5.

On the next round, TNC sent Fractals to the lower bracket with the score of 16-9 at de_nuke while Fractals redeemed themselves by ending Audacity’s run. Final score is 16-12.

Checking in the other bracket, ArkAngel went head to head with CGH at de_inferno who started strong with a 3-0 lead. For ArkAngel, JoshS lead the boards with 8 kills & Karlclt took over rounds 4 to 9 taking the lead with the score of 6-3 in ArkAngels favor. JA’s AWP play ended the first half 8-7 for ArkAngel. Coming in to the 2nd half, Karlclt’s “Juggernaut Strat” paid off resulting to an Ace in Round 17 while JA pinned into a 3v1 situation in round 21 but still managed to get the round with the score of 13-9 in favor of ArkAngel. The match ended in round 27 with the score of 16-11 with Karlclt a the top fragger and MVP of the match with 31 kills while JoshS with 21 frags. CGH didn’t lose hope as they went on to the lower bracket beating Expendables in de_nuke with the score of 16-7.

4 teams remaining and into the Semi-Finals, TNC took down CGH in 2 straight matches 16-2 in de_inferno and 16-4 in de_train. While on the other match, ArkAngel was up with the score of 7-1 but Fractals caught up and finished the 1st round with the score of 16-14 taking game 1 in de_mirage. Coming into game 2, Karlclt took control of the early rounds by performing an Ace in Round 9 backed by gii’s 10 frags and by round 15, JA, Karlclt and gii lead the charge with 14, 17 and 14 frags on their own wrapping the 2nd game with the score of 16-3 in de_overpass making the match even.

Heading into the deciding match, Fractals attempted to finish the game in quick weep by having a 12-0 lead but ArkAngel didn’t falter as they took a round in round 13 getting their first mark on the board. ArkAngel slightly catching up from rounds 13 to 23 with Harryyy leading the charge with 24 kills followed by JA with 17 and gii with 12 but fell short in the upcoming rounds which resulted to a 16-11 win in de_nuke. Fractals will play against TNC in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals immediately kicked off and the maps chosen were de_inferno, de_train and de_cache. TNC finished the game with 2 straight matches with the score of 16-3 in the 1st game in inferno and 16-8 in the 2nd game in train. Congratulations to TNC Pro Team for winning the Zowie Extremesland Philippine Qualifier 2018!

For ArkAngel, they finished the tournament in 3rd place. You won’t hit a home run everytime, but if you bounce back, you’ll come back stronger.

Here’s the full bracket of the Zowie Extremesland Philippine Qualifier 2018:

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