ArkAngel CSGO Female Pro Team won WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018

WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018 kicked off last 12/13/2018 at the Quill Convention Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the filipino delegates for the 6 games to be played were present and had a hot start. ArkAngelCSGO Female Pro Team was one of the representatives of the Philippines for CS:GO and had a pretty good start in Day 1.

The first day of the event was very tiring for the ladies as they had 3 matches on that day. The ladies of ArkAngel had their opening match versus Felis Catus on a best of 1 series in Cache. The ladies started hot on the Terrorist side as they lead 4-0 in the opening round with Joy leading the charge with 7 frags but Felis Catus didn’t back down as they reversed the momentum of ArkAngel closing the half 10-5 on their favor. But ArkAngel still have tricks on their sleeves as they changed Laire’s position to secondary AWPer and took down Felis Catus every round, making the score even at 14-14. And on the final 2 rounds, Joy was pinned on a 2v1 situation but managed to take them all and defused the bomb winning the round and continued their good aim at the match point as Laire closes out the match 16-14 with her leading the boards with 29 kills followed by Joy at 25 and Tr1cks at 19. As the second match progress, they faced the home town team of Sphynx and unfortunately, the Malaysian delegates won 16-9 in Inferno giving us our first loss in the Swiss format and ended up with a 1 win 1 loss record.

And so, the rivalry begins. The last match for Day 1 was with the Singapore powerhouse team, Phoenix. The last time ArkAngel played with Phoenix was on November of 2018 which was held in Kuala Lumpur as well and they dominated the series in straight matches 16-2 and 16-9. But the team didn’t gave up and prepared for this match as they gave them a dose of their own medicine beating them 16-9 in Mirage which catapults the team to the semi finals and will duel for the 2nd time against Sphynx on a best of three series.

Day 2, the semi final matches started and the team is fired up to redeem themselves with their loss to Sphynx. As for Sphynx, momentum is on their side as they beat ArkAngel on Day 1 at Inferno. Yet, the ladies did not falter as they controlled the map and win the first match at Mirage, 16-9 led by Coffee’s superb aim. Coming in on game 2, Sphynx still feels they can stretch the series to game 3 as the map for the 2nd match is Inferno. The match was intense and everyone’s sweating bullets as the match went for a double overtime. But with Tr1cks leading the squad, they put an end to Sphynx‘s run in the tournament closing the series in Inferno 22-20 with 38 kills.

Day 3. The moment that both teams are waiting for. To show everyone who is the top CSGO Female team in the Southeast Asian region. The last day of the tournament for the CSGO Female players as ArkAngel will face Phoenix in the Grand Finals of the tournament. Phoenix choose Cache as the 1st map for this series and shows their dominance in the entire match ending it in 16-4 with Kohaibi and Aurelle at the top of the leaderboards. As for Game 2, the ladies of ArkAngel picked Mirage. The map where they beat Phoenix in the opening round of the tournament. Phoenix started the game right as they got an early lead of 5-0. And then it happened again, Laire‘s sniping skills paired up with Tricks‘ comes into play as they even up the score and manages to close the gap to 9-6 at the half, still in favor of Phoenix. As the 2nd half progress, Phoenix still started the half strong but ArkAngel manages to save their economy and in Round 20, all hell breaks loose as Phoenix was scoreless and ArkAngel manages to close this round completing their comeback and finished the map at 16-13 making the series even and extending it to deciders match.

As for Game 3, both teams provided a good show as they will dance for the last time in Inferno to decide on who’s the best team in the SEA Region. ArkAngel opened the match with a early 8-3 lead led by the deadly duo of Kuchiii and Coffee and closes the half at 9-5 in ArkAngel‘s favor. And after the half, Phoenix still can’t restrain Kuchiii and Coffee as the ladies from ArkAngel  made sure that Phoenix will not rise up from the ashes again, puts the nail in the coffin and closes the match 16-8 with Kuchiii leading the boards with 26 and Coffee with 22 of her own.

And with that said and done, the redemption match has been completed and ArkAngelCSGO Female Pro Team are your WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018 Champions and will represent SEA Region in the Global stage of WESG 2018 at China!

Still, well played for Phoenix and all the teams that played on the tournament. It now shows that esports is growing every day not just in the male division but in the female’s division too. We’re hoping that the esports industry grows larger in 2019 and hope that there are many tournaments to come.

From all of us in ArkAngel, as we always say, “Lipad ArkAngel!”

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