ArkAngel League of Legends bids Farewell

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

The time has finally arrived for ArkAngel’s League of Legends to set off to a whole new chapter of their lives as their journey with ArkAngel is officially ended.

ArkAngel League of Legends consisted of brave-hearted, young fighters: Cedrick “Ivalice” Santos, Nickelson “nickstah” Yanga, Robert “Trebor” Mansilungan, Neil “Mirmoooo” Gabriel and Jordan “Raux” Pamintuan. The team has been with ArkAngel for an entire year (debut: May 2018), with only one change to the original roster, as Jyro “zensho” Pascual stepped down to become their coach. They started off under the ArkAngel banner in their game against Imperium Pro Team for the Globe Conquerors Manila Promotionals, winning it to advance for a major qualifier for Globe Conquerors Manila! After that, a barrage of tournaments came along their way, where some of which took them off-shore. One significant moment that brought them to one of their greatest highlights as a team is winning the Lenovo Legion of Champions Series 3 Qualifiers, sending them off to Bangkok to represent our country. This is just one of their numerous achievements.

Surely, these talented young minds will find their rightful place in the esports scene. May you find success in your gaming careers and become the best wherever you may settle.

Being a part of the family, ArkAngel would like to thank the team for their concerted competitive efforts, raising ArkAngel’s name every time they represent the organization especially in colossal games, and most of all, becoming a friend to everyone at the ArkAngel Bootcamp! Muli, maraming salamat!

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