10 Wackiest things you can do with Grimstroke’s Soul bind

A few weeks ago, Valve announced the arrival of a new hero in Dota 2, Grimstroke. We all know that at first, new heroes are really hard to use but once you get used to his skills, you sometimes think of crazy combinations that your enemies won’t expect. Lets check his skills before we try some crazy combinations in our games.

His skillset mostly consists of disables and for crowd control. Grimstroke 1st skill is Stroke of Fate which deals a base damage of 300 at max level and increases its damage with each enemy the ink hits. While Phantom Embrace summons a phantom that will chase an enemy and latches into the target dealing silence and 30 damage for 5 seconds. The phantom can be destroyed in several hits but if the enemy fails to destroy it before it separates from its victime, the phantom returns to Grimstroke with the skill cooldown refreshed and the enemy will receive 360 damage. 3rd is Ink swell which is good for allies who can blink or sneak into fights. Allies under Inkswell will increase its movement speed, deal 55 DPS and immune to attacks while silencing and disarming it. After 3 seconds, it will explode and stun for 4 seconds in a 400 AOE Radius with a max damage of 400. Lastly, his ultimate Soul bind which binds a targeted enemy to its nearest allied heroes for 8 seconds at max level and prevents it from moving away to each other but also share the damage and status with the hero it binds with. That means, if you are under Soul bind and got hit by a single target spell, both of them share the damage and status of the spell. Sounds good right?

Now for the fun part, let’s check some crazy combinations that we can use in pub games for fun or may help us boost our medals!


Imagine casting Doom to 2 heroes without using a Refresher Shard or Refresher Orb and immediately disable 2 heroes on a team fight. Easiest money of your life!


LC’s Duel

1 duel, 2 enemies taunted with a chance of x2 duel damage. Nice!



Lion’s Finger of Death

An 850 Magical damage at Level 16 for 2 heroes on a team fight? Enemies will surely go to hell and back and back to hell and back before they realize what hit them.



Warlock’s Fatal Bonds

Sharing 25% of damage hurts, now what if we make it double? Yes, it stacks and it works! Get a refresher shard and cast it again to make quad Fatal Bonds and watch your enemies melt.


Windranger’s Shackleshot

1 shot, 2 heroes shackled or even 4 if you can aim right. Easy Peezy Lemon Squeazy!



Necrophos’s Reaper Scythe

2 heroes can die with additional respawn time, which is most of the time game winning specially in pubs. That’s crazy!



Lich’s Chain frost

1 Chain frost is already a problem, giving them 2 in a team fight will surely freeze them. 😀



Disruptor’s Glimpse

If they’re on the run, glimpse them back for an easy kill!



Kunkka’s X marks the spot

Almost the same as Distuptor’s Glimpse, no one can run in a team fight if you can mark and pick off 2. Goin’ somewhere bro?



Batrider’s Lasso AND Bloodseeker’s Rupture

Well, pulling 2 at the same time both under Batrider’s Lasso and Bloodseeker’s Rupture status seems impossible without a scepter but you can now! The next level play!
If you can pull these tricks off, prepare for commends from your teammates and reports from your foes. Have fun dripping your enemies in ink!

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