Just ML League 2 Champions ArkAngel takes second place in the Just ML League 3

Just ML League 2 Champions ArkAngel takes second place in the recently concluded Just ML League 3 Just ML League 3 playoffs winners ArkAngel takes second place after losing to Bren Esports Limitless in the Best of 5 Grand Finals.

After the intense brotherly fight, ArkAngel manages to win the playoffs against ArkAngel Ownage. Their match was a perfect game to watch as they clearly show a brain versus brawl strategy. ArkAngel Ownage has a good win rate especially with a Khufra in their team. ArkAngel, on the other hand, has versatile players which allow them to adjust on what’s at hand.

ArkAngel Ownage was not afraid to show their power in Game 1 and had first blood after they went for an early top gank. Their aggressive gameplay (early gank, early turtle and lord, constant team fights) would have worked but ArkAngel knows how to focus on their objectives even after being given just a little window to breathe.

Though it didn’t take long before Ownage’s competitive playstyle worked, whooping a total 28 to 3 kills against ArkAngel in Game 2. It was a very intense battle, especially at Game 3 where ArkAngel made an unbelievable comeback. They used ArkAngel Ownage’s aggression against them, focused on one objective, and won their seat in the grand finals.

It was a best of 5 matches between Bren Esports Limitless and playoffs winner ArkAngel.

There was constant trade for trades in every clash and both teams were very careful not to make a mistake in each chance they got. Game 1 started with Bren Limitless banning hot picks like Diggie and Esmeralda. Since that’s one less problem in the game, ArkAngel went ahead with counter-picks preparing for their counterplay. ArkAngel did an early 5-man jungle gank and got 1st blood. It was as if they had analyzed Bren Limitless ‘s jungle play. It was followed by an early immediate clash which had forced both teams to fall back and slow the pace down a bit. ArkAngel’s early game aggression gave them an early game upper hand, but Bren Limitless was able to snowball late game and win the final clash at 12-minute mark. Every clash is a tight clash.

It was constant trade kills for both Bren Limitless and ArkAngel in Game 2. ArkAngel Jeffqt4ever’s good timing and Bren Limitless Jaypee’s free hitting skills were on point. Bren Limitless had to change their strategy from team fights to objectives. They focused on getting ArkAngel’s towers down to tier 3s at the 8-minute mark. That didn’t slow ArkAngel down. In fact, ArkAngel was able to turn the tides after winning a team fight and taking down 3 towers from Bren Limitless. Final clash gave ArkAngel the win with their tower lockdown strategy.

Game 3, the tiebreaker, gave an opportunity for both teams to step up. This match was the longest they have had, as it has reached the 23-minute mark. Evey clash was tight, and it was still constant trade for trades. Both teams had almost equal gold income, tower downs, and team kill counts until late game. ArkAngel’s aggression in the final clash got them to in a pinch as Bren Limitless used their aggression towards them, tore them down and won the match. It was a game of mistakes, and whoever commits one, loses.

With a boosted morale, the final round went for Bren Limitless. They were ahead in gold income by about 19% the entire game, lots of tower downs and team kill counts. Bren Limitless took advantage of ArkAngel’s mistakes in the final clash and took the win.

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