A Major Update in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

A lot of games have spawned the online gaming world lately, but Brendan Greene, creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, made sure that PUBG stays on top and become the undisputed best game in this genre with PC 1.0 Update #21.

Update #21 is a must experience update as it has new features in the game such as a new weapon, attachment, vehicle, a new supply system, a training mode, an improved ping system, on-screen information, improvised UI/UX and bug fixes.

The new MK47 Mutant is a powerful 7.62mm Assault Riffle. The Mutant features upper and lower rails for scopes and grips and is defaulted with 20 bullets; which can be upgraded to 30 by using an extended magazine. It has the same per bullet damage as an AKM and powerful when used mid-ranged. The weapons two firing modes, single shot and 2-round burst, is highly accurate up to 150 meters, and can be improved further using the appropriate grip. So don’t try to get too close as it can be outperformed by its full-auto counterparts. Though the weapon has no stock slot, all other types of attachment can be used with the MK47.

The Laser Sight is a brand new lower rail attachment for most SMG’s, AR’s and DMR’s that reduces the bullet spread that occurs during hip fire and soft aiming. It can also be attached to pistols which will gain a special lower rail in the update. The Laser Sight is available in all maps and can only be seen for a short-range if you’re not using any scope; this is also only visible to you. Since the sight takes up the whole lower rail slot, you have to sacrifice your normal grip to use it. There is currently a known issue that the laser effect is not displayed in the death cam or replay, but PUBG corp assured that this will be resolved soon.

The Tukshai is a Sanhok exclusive 3 person vehicle that substitutes the UAZ, Dacia and Minibus. Though it’s slower than the previous vehicles, aesthetics wise, this one fits perfectly with Sanhok’s ambiance.

You can level up and get rewards when you fill the Survival Gauge with XP in the new Supply System. This gives you rewards based on completed missions (which will refresh daily and weekly), play time, and every time you gain a survival level. PUBG previously rewarded its players with BP based on their ranking, but now they’ve restricted the system to both play time and ranking, and equalized the differences in BP efficiency based on playing time for each map and mode.

The new Training Mode is a 2×2 sized map where you can practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay; and since this is training, your health can’t drop lower than 1HP. Up to 20 players can join per session and total play time is 30 minutes, and will not start unless there are 5 players on queue.

An improved Marker / Ping System is where you can create a marker where you’re aiming on the compass at the top of the screen which will be visible to all members. The marker will automatically disappear after 5 seconds and will have a 2-second cooldown after marking. And when the ping markers overlap, the closest located marker will be shown on top. You will also have the option to change the key bindings.

The visuals for Blue Zone effects has improved as well as it will now be shown more clearly and will be easier to see from a longer distance, and will look differently depending on the map and weather.

Other UI/UX improvement includes a cleaner menu, game performance, replay and custom match. You can read the full list of improvements and bug fixes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds official website.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out of for this update. How about you, what’s your thoughts about Update #21?

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