SG553 or AUG? Pick your poison.

With CS:GO opening up the game as Free 2 Play, the meta has changed for both casual and competitive scene. Before, utility usage such as the Molotov Cocktail, Flashbang and High Explosive Grenades are keys to win the round. Now, with changes in the economy on weapons, scoped rifles are now entering the scene.

On both sides, teams have their own specific scoped rifle. The SG 553 is a Swiss scoped assault rifle exclusive for the Terrorist side which is the successor of the Krieg 552 from previous Counter-Strike games serving the same role.

The SG 553 is equipped with a scope capable of zooming 3x the sight from hip-fire aim which can be accessed by pressing right click (secondary fire) to enter and exit the scope. While scoped, the recoil is lowered significantly increasing the guns’ accuracy. However, while scoped in, the players’ movement speed is considerably lowered. Looking at the numbers, the SG 553 has slightly less base damage than the ever powerful AK-47 but has 100% armor penetration in contrast to the 77.5% of the AK-47 making the SG 553 the rifle with the highest damage in-game. The SG 553 is also one of the few guns that is capable of scoring a fatal headshot regardless of armor. The only disadvantage of the SG 553 is that it has the highest recoil when un-scoped and is slightly more expensive than the AK-47 making it the most expensive assault rifle on the Terrorist side and thus a rare sight. The kill award using this weapon is $300 in a competitive match and $150 in casual games.

Now on the Counter-Terrorist side, the AUG, previously known as the Bullpup, is the counter part of the SG 553 for the Counter-Terrorist side. The “Armee Universal Gewehr” roughly translated as “Universal Army Rifle” is an Austrian made bullpup assault rifle designed in 1977 and adopted as the new standard-issue rifle of the Austrian military in 1978. The gun was notable for having a futuristic appearance in the previous versions of Counter Strike also known as Steyr Aug A0 but in Global Offensive, it was modeled after the newer Steyr AUG A3.

In the game, the AUG is the most expensive assault rifle for the CT side costing at $3150. It has a high rate of fire and deals moderate damage but is able to frag a full health helmet wearing player with one headshot at point blank range. The advantage of the AUG is that it has good accuracy and moderately low recoil. It also has the highest first shot accuracy out of all the assault rifles which further improves when scoped in. The recoil becomes relatively hard to control when fired at full-auto (unscoped) but the first few shots are more controllable making burst shooting viable and effective. The only disadvantage with it is that it has a long reload time and is moderately heavy. The Kill award for this weapon is $300 in competitive and $150 in casual games.

With both guns in the limelight on the current meta of the game the remaining question is which gun would you prefer in game? If you are currently holding an AUG and see a SG 553 available to be looted, are you going to drop your gun and replace it or stick with your AUG, vis-à-vis?

Tell us your insights in the comments section below as this might help not just you but other CS:GO players as well!

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