The Blood God Hakkar Corrupts the Hearthstone Landscape!

Who the hell is Hakkar? I don’t even own the Hakkar, the Souylflayer card!

Hearthstone Legend Card: Hakkar, the Soulflayer

The whole Hearthstone landscape is going through an outrageous outbreak! It has made an epidemic transformation of card backs into a multicolor-feathered, red-armed, purple-based, and shiny gold-emblemed one for anyone who wins against a player who was already infected with this kind of card back! This is called the Mark of the Hakkar card back!

Hearthstone: Mark of Hakkar Card Back

I played the game earlier today to try and check whether this occurrence will happen right away and guess what? It did not frustrate me, it just happened! I was marked by Hakkar as soon as I dueled another player that has it!

Hearthstone: Winning a Game against Infected Player

For those of you who don’t know who Hakkar is like I do, I dug up some information about him from a World of Warcraft Lore!

You may also check how this curse has been unleashed via the official event article from Blizzard:

For those of you who are playing Hearthstone that has never gone against a Hakkar deck, there is a usual class that is using Hakkar, the Soulflayer! Mill Druid is one of them! I checked out and found a list that contains Hakkar!

Hearthstone Decklist: Hakkar Mill Druid

The deck is a Mill Druid capitalizing on King Togwoggle’s ability to swap decks with the opponent after it utilizes its powerful draw engine cards and finishes the game via Hakkar’s damage-heavy card:

Hearthstone Card: Corrupted Blood created via Hakkar, the Soulflayer

Another notable card that adds up to the entire engine:

Hearthstone Card: Naturalize

I am currently testing a Malygos Druid deck, which somehow works before the most recent nerfing. The combo-ish element of the Hakkar Mill Druid deck might be appealing to someone like me. I’ll give this a try after writing this article and hope that we get to Legendary Rank from around Rank 7!

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