Welcome to Vikendi!

Any game with a snow map has always been a sight to see. And with PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds new map, Vikendi, some sure do feel like they’re a tourist, first time seeing the snow.

Welcome to Vikendi, codename Dihorotok! PUBG’s 4th playable map, a 6×6 island on the Adriatic Sea. Revealed on the 6th of December and went live on the 19th.

The isolated Northern resort island features 4 major cities, 11 minor cities, and 11 major landmarks. A new gun also spawns in the icy terrain, just like the others maps, Vikendi offers its own exclusive vehicle.

The Snowmobile is an off-road vehicle based off of the Kawasaki Invader LTD 1980. It performs better than other vehicles on snow and ice, seats 2 players and reliable in sudden acceleration and maneuvering. Though it’s difficult to drive on other terrains, the Snowmobile is highly recommended when you’re in need to get out of the blue zone.

The new assault rifle is the G36C with 5.56mm ammo with better control when engaging at short to medium range. It’s a weapon exclusive to Vikendi and has a lower and upper rail for attachments.

Other exclusivity includes being able to throw snow balls at random people when waiting in the lobby, and (my personal favorite) the ghillie suit!

Of course, given the terrain, the ghillie suit would be appropriate to the snowy field. But the ghillie suit making me look like a yeti gives me the motivation I need to run straight for a care package, no matter how far and dangerous it can get.

Going into the competitive part, some would say that it’s recommended to be part of competitive map pool. Even though its gameplay is quicker than Erangel and Miramar, the map is far more strategic than Sanhok.

And thus, Vikendi has received positive feedback from test server players. Vikendi being available to play in the live server is a different thing, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for patch notes to be released.

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