WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018 is underway!

Day by day, the eSports industry is getting bigger and bigger in the country. With lots of tournaments are happening around the globe, one of the prestigious event in the eSports industry is the World Electronic Sports Games also known as WESG. The tournament is an international eSports championship based in Shanghai, China and organized by AliSports. The event started last 2016 with just 4 games: CS:GO, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone and since the popularity of eSports boomed on the past years, they added CS:GO Female and Hearthstone Female on the mix.

With the games played in WESG are the most popular in the country, teams from the Philippines was able to bag the Philippine Qualifiers for WESG 2018 which was held at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit last October in SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. The winners of each respective games will fly to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to play for the last leg which is the WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018 and the winner will fly to Shanghai, China and represent the country. The following teams are the Philippines’ representatives for each games:

TNC.CaraCute = Hearthstone Female
Staz (Bren Esports) = Hearthstone
TNC PredatorDota 2
Bren EsportsVainGlory
EnderrStarcraft 2

And lastly, the ladies from ArkAngel CSGO Female team was able to win the qualifiers in a dominating fashion to book their tickets to this prestigious event. Led by their captain and IGL Kyung-inTr1cksLee as their AWPer, she will shoot their way to the top along with her fraggers SharaKuchiiiKoshikawa as the entry fragger and Joy MariaJoydelos Reyes as the secondary fragger. While PatriciacoffeeeeLagua will play as Lurker to sneak in and shoot them on their blindsides while Jiles KorineLaireBuenviaje will play as support for the team. Earlier, they battled the representatives of Vietnam, Felis Catus in a best of 1 series as their opening match and won 16-14 in Cache.

The games of the tournament will start from 12/13/2018 to 12/16/2018. As for all the filipino delegates for this event, nothing is impossible to reach with them. With youth on their side and the experience provided by their coaches and managers from their respective teams and organizations, they can win not just this tournament but all of the big events to come. Let’s support eSports in the country so the skills of these players can be passed down to the next generation.

Good luck those who are participating in WESG SEA Grand Finals 2018 and don’t stop supporting your favorite teams! And as for us here in ArkAngel, godspeed and good luck for the Filipino delegates!

As we always say, “LIPAD ARKANGEL!

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